The most common form of business entity in Hong Kong is the private limited company, similar to an LLC. This entity limits the liability of the shareholders to the capital they have put up.

A new company (“special incorporation”) takes just under one working week to form, with a further week for “activation” (putting in place the directors, other officers, and shareholders, of the company), but a pre-formed or "shelf company" is available immediately (but still requires activation).

Preformed companies normally have an authorised share capital of 10,000 x HK$1 shares and a pre-drafted Memorandum and Articles of Association (“M&A”). Changes to directors, shareholdings, capital, M&A and the name of the company can be made easily.. The minimum issued share capital is one share, usually of HK$1 (about US$0.12!).

Hong Kong companies need only one shareholder and one director, which can be either natural persons or corporations and need not be Hong Kong residents. The same person may be both the shareholder and the director.

If, for confidentiality or privacy reasons, you would like Business Registration In Hong Kong Limited to provide nominee directors or shareholders, please e-mail to and we will send you more information.

The company must have a company secretary who is a Hong Kong resident (either an individual or a company) and must have a Hong Kong registered office address. We provide a Hong Kong company secretary and registered office address in order to meet these sole Hong Kong-related requirements for a company..

The company must keep its statutory books and its accounting records showing the state of affairs of the company at its registered office. The company must hold an Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) at which the audited accounts are presented, the directors re-elected and the auditors re-appointed. Although the AGM does not have to be filed, an Annual Return (“AR”) does have to be filed with the Companies Registry. Please note that the AR is not the same thing at the tax return.

As referred to above, all Hong Kong companies must have their accounts audited. The audited accounts will accompany the company’s annual tax return. BusinessRegistrationHongKong can prepare accounts and the tax return, and arrange for the audit.

There is an annual business registration fee payable to the government.